Let’s watch Game of Thrones Theon Greyjoy’s 10 Biggest Mistakes

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Even though Game of Thrones watch online ended almost a year ago, the HBO masterpiece still has us fervently examining the complex characters that sprang from the pages of George R.R. Martin’s legendary fantasy epic. Of the various grey characters that Martin created and HBO delivered to life, Theon Greyjoy is undoubtedly one among the foremost fascinating.

His life was never a simple one, and after making every wrong decision possible, it merely became even harder. Here are 10 of Theon’s mistakes that also we will learn from.

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  1. Tried To Hook Up With Yara (Misogyny’s Wages)

Before becoming Reek, Theon Greyjoy was a decidedly unlikable character. Beyond his irritating ego, he treated women grotesquely, as if they were blatantly inferior to him. Perhaps this attitude was a product of the time, but that creates it no more excusable. He saw women as being suitable just for sex — even to the purpose of (accidentally) pursuing his sister. Had he even a fraction of control over his base urges, he may have spared himself such incredible embarrassment when he later found Yara standing beside his father.

  • Looked Down On Jon Snow (The Impact Of Ego)

One of Theon’s most significant flaws within the earlier game of thrones seasons was his blatant ego. Being the ward of the right Ned Stark, lord and castellan of Winterfell and Warden of the North, gave him the impression that he was better than everyone else. This was quite an attitude or a flimsy facade born of insecurity: it had been his way of life, to the purpose that he treated Jon Snow just like the dirt upon his boots – because he was the Greyjoy heir and ward of Ned Stark; he was royal. His delusions of grandeur misserved him during a number of the way, having contributed to any number of examples featured on this list. But in particular, it rendered him a thoroughly unsympathetic character throughout the greater extent of the series.

  • Choosing To Serve His Father (Family’s More Than Blood

One of the foremost powerful realizations someone can make is that their life is merely that: theirs. Nobody should ever act on the whim of another person; nobody should ever accept the only effort of creating somebody else proud, of creating somebody else accept them. Theon was always a boy among them: he was the ward of Ned Stark, a title he loved.

“His initial mission when sent to the Iron Islands is to secure aid for Rob Stark’s war effort. However, when the title of “prince” in his father’s court looms before him, his loyalty to his real family crumples beneath the prospect of enjoying truly noble status as heir to the Salt Throne.”

  • Killed Innocents At Winterfell (Owning Mistakes)

One of Theon’s most enormous transgressions occurred when Bran, Rickon, Osha, and Hodor made right their shake Winterfell. Unable to deal with displaying such ineptitude, he elected to murder two innocent people in situ of Bran and Rickon, proceeding to mount them at the castle in an inhuman display of cruelty.

Failing to have up to his idiocy is merit enough for this list, but electing to hide it up with such detestable ruthlessness almost seems to dwarf his initial misstep by way of comparison. Of all the dishonourable acts committed by his hand, this was likely the one that haunted him most for the remainder of his days. And it could are prevented had he honestly accepted his failings.

  • Becoming Reek (Loss Of Self-Control)

Ruling through fear is one among the best crimes one man can plan to his fellow man. But being ruled by fear is one among the best crimes one man can commit against himself. Theon let his fear of pain, his fear of Ramsay’s retribution and wanton violence vanquish who he was. A man’s most magnificent sanctuary is his mind. Theon allowed fear to charter a path into that sanctuary, and thus gave up every ounce of control he once had.

From standing by idly for therefore long after Ramsay captures Sansa to revealing the knowledge that Bran and Rickon are still alive, Theon had given himself over entirely, and in doing so, placed many of his former Stark relations in abject peril.

  • Invading Winterfell (The Price Of Greed)

Theon suffered severely from an inability to acknowledge an easy truth: blood isn’t always like family. His real family, those who sheltered him, played with him, trained with him, and fought with him, the Starks, didn’t share his blood. But that did not make him a member of their family.

This all goes out the window when he realizes, after some less-than-subtle implications by his mate, Dagmer, that he has the potential to require Winterfell with the motley crew of warriors afforded him by his father. Unable to resist the temptation, he betrayed his real family for the sake of appeasing his crooked ego.

  • Ignored His Father’s Orders To Abandon Winterfell (Prideful Arrogance Is Dangerous)

At the core of all arrogant people is crippling insecurity. Arrogance is usually the ugly spawn of insecurity; it’s a flimsy, disillusioned shield between scorning others and being scorned. Theon Greyjoy often acted out of insecurity; it had been insecurity that led him to ignore his father’s orders to abandon Winterfell when Yara delivers them.

He’s cemented during this erroneous decision when the Boltons arrive to finish his occupation. Though sorely outnumbered, he attempts to rally his men to defend the hold. Naturally, he finds himself betrayed by them for his arrogance, precipitating his long and definitively torturous life as a prisoner of Ramsay.

  • Killed Ser Rodrik (Leading Through Cruelty Doesn’t Work)

An angry man may be a man susceptible to mistakes. Someone that acts out of rage is additionally working without forethought, then his or her action is lacking in complexity and true meaning. After he had taken the Winterfell, he became aware of the thought that to cement his rule; he must inspire fear in his underlings.

This impression is, historically, the best flaw in any leader. Anyone who leads by fear is destined to incite unrest and disloyalty: the two critical ingredients within the formation of rebellion and resistance. This is often evidenced throughout his brief occupy Winterfell – the execution of Ser Rodrik for disrespecting him being a very gruesome highlight.

  • Not Heeding Maester Luwin’s Advice (Listen To Wise Counsel)

At several junctures during his occupation of Winterfell, Maester Luwin attempts to warn Theon far away from the destructive path he’s chosen. In what’s perhaps his most vital mistake, he refuses to flee Winterfell when the Northmen have it surrounded.

Even after Luwin shares his knowledge of the critical passages that might make this escape possible, Theon insists on standing at Winterfell. And as mentioned, this decision is undoubtedly among the first significant catalysts for rock bottom point of his existence.

  1. Refused To Escape Ramsay Bolton (The Danger Of Losing Hope)

One of the foremost beautiful aspects of the attribute is our innate ability to cope with a relentless quiet grit and determination. Hope is one thing which will never indeed be taken from us because we create it. Theon lost hope. Theon forgot that darkness could not exist if there were no light, and nowhere is that this is more evident than when Yara attempts to rescue him from Ramsay’s service. He had lost the very concept of existing anywhere but beneath the heel of Ramsay’s boot and refused to go away even when the chance presented itself. If even the faintest glimmer of hope had remained in his eyes, he might alright have left with Yara that night, but to what end? We’ll never know.

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